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Score to Hang – 10 seconds

With mentors as drivers, no less…

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Kickin Balls

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Field Parts Have Arrived!

The official FIRST field components arrived today and were taken inside to be inventoried (and played with).

Field setup will begin in the next few days, as soon as we determine which building we will be setting it up in.   If you get the chance, please thank Mark Leon and NASA for their generosity and support in getting us these field components.  Please remember; we were lucky enough to receive these field components with the understanding that we would open our lab up and invite the other Bay Area teams to utilize it whenever possible.  Let’s make sure we are gracious and welcoming hosts when they arrive, and that we fully understand how lucky we are to have the opportunity to help everyone out.  We also need to take care of these components and keep them nice, as we can expect to use them at all of the local scrimmages and events that require a full sized field.

Robot Hanging

Zero to Robot Parts in 6 Hours (or so)

All of the robot chassis and super structure parts were completed today and are on their way to West Covina to be welded and then powercoated.  The front plugs will be machined tomorrow and will be mailed down to arrive on Tuesday at the same time that the base plates that Mike D from team 233 made for us.

Here is a picture of the 12 different sets of pieces that are on their way down.

Here is a picture of the pieces set next to each other to give you an idea of what it will look like completed.

Parts Out for Anodize

We dropped off the wheels, bearing housings, and gearbox spacers at the anodize shop today.  Hopefully we should see them back in a few days.

Final Ratios & Gearbox Info

Agreed Upon Specs:

2 Speed with Power-Take-Off (PTO) for Winch

4 CIM motors, 2 per side

Initial Reduction – 12:45

High Speed Reduction – 30:48  gives ~15.5 fps at 93% efficiency

Low Speed Reduction – 14:64 gives ~ 5.5 fps at 93% efficiency

All gears are AndyMark except for the 64 tooth dogged gear, 45 tooth intermediate gear, and the 30 tooth internediate gear, all of which are standard Martin gears.

The PTO shaft sits above the intermediate shaft and has one speed, and an the option for two with the addition of another three position piston.  We also have the option of disengaging the output to the wheels if we use another three position piston.

Options Clarified:

1. Wheels move when winch is engaged – two standard pistons required per gearbox

2. Wheels do not spin when winch is engaged – one standard piston, one three position piston

3. Wheels spin when winch is engaged, but winch now has 2 speeds – one standard piston, one three position piston

4. Wheels do not spin when winch is engaged, and winch has 2 speeds – two three position pistons

The cost of the three position pistons is ~$70.  The cost for the standard piston is ~$20.  The gearbox will be designed to accommodate any of these options without the need to change ratios, plates, shafts, etc.

Pictures from Manchester field



Wheel over bump storyboard

Check out the different positions as these configurations go over the bump.




Solidworks wheels over bump

Download the model from tonight’s meeting: