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Robot Progress

We field tested the final design of the Gyroscope assembly at the Proving Grounds. During this test, we also tested the robot “Drive Straight” software routine. This works like money.

Earlier in the day, students and mentors joined the superstructure to the drive base. We then calibrated our kicker system. We still need to add the 3M self fusing electrical tape to the ball roller assembly and properly tension the kicker.

We’re far behind 254, but after today, we’re now in better shape.

Software and Hardware Testing/Progress

Today in the Systems Engineering and Integration(SEaI) division,  students and mentors tested the gyroscope assembly (PN: 1010167) and integrated the part into our system. SEaI also began developing software routines for a closed loop control of the robot when there is no steering input. Tomorrow, SEaI will also begin development on the autonomous routines/controller for the robot. SEaI hopes to replicate the 2008 968 autonomous controller with major changes, which, makes the system more efficient and elegant.

At DAVECO, David and his associates assembled the bumper assembly minus the Cordura fabric. Mock-ups were developed to visualize the stitch patterns required to have bumper fabric with no folds. The contractor will continue manufacturing of the bumpers for the next few days.

Stay tuned.

Feb 19 Progress

Today, we (almost) finished assembling the drivetrain and kicker winch gearboxes. We also made further progress on the bumper fabrication.

Here’s some photos to pass your time.


More Progress

At the proving grounds, multiple teams worked on various parts of the robot to ensure that major components will be complete by the weekend.

In the design department, students and mentors completed the PCB design for both the gyroscope carrier and a revised LED driver. The PCB was sent to fab at 11:00PM. We will receive them Friday.

Down at the assembly line, students and mentors assembled major components in the drivetrain gearboxes. Unfortunately, the entire gearbox was not fully assembled due to the lack of a few components(PTO sprocket, gearbox standoffs).

Both robots’ wiring is almost complete. Tomorrow, we will complete the wiring by adding the 4AWG cables.

Weekend Progress: Update

The manufacturing department was very understaffed today due to the superbowl(I guess?)

We’ve completed the milled slots on the 1 x 2 Arm sides(1010084)

We haz powdercoat.

We haz powdercoat.

Unfortunately, Central Powder Coating was not well staffed today. They will have the 254 frames powdercoated blue streak #2 tomorrow morning.

We will be picking up the blue frames tomorrow at 10AM.

Revised Control Board Layout

This revision includes the cutout for the Classmate pc, contours and filets for the ethernet jack, holes for the LED mounts, screwdriver slots for the Cypress board and finally, an additional cutout that replaced the roller button.

Control Board

Update: Here’s the newer revision of the control board. I’ve added an ethernet port and a female barrel plug for the Classmate PC.

Here’s the first revision of the control board with a suggestion of buttons and functions.

We will be using this LED w/Defuser(Red and blue??)

Robot Chassis Ground

Here’s a few shots of the welded base after having the welds ground flush.

On the third day…

After calling many fabrication shops in Southern California within a radius of 45 miles, we ended up at the California Polytechnic University, Pomona shop. Our metal forming division was lucky enough to find the proper die to create the 45 degree bends on a 100 ton press brake.  Setting up the machinery and completing the bends took 6 hours.

Our newly acquired sponsor, TOMCO Products in Azusa, was able to perform the 90 degree bends with a very quick turn around.

Below are our newly trained press brake operators holding the first bent plate

Here’s one of our highly skilled operators hard at work(or hardly working)

Here’s a plate being formed

Here’s another photo of a plate being formed

Here’s our assembly and inspection division test fitting the formed pieces

Here’s where Jesus joins metal with all his might

Oh, for your enjoyment

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Oh, and uhh.. here’s the current status of the parts:

We currently have one fully welded base, two tacked bases, and one base waiting to be welded.

Jesus needs to take a break, so, he’ll be back on Friday to complete joining metal.

Finally, below is an artist depiction of our team’s weekly activities courtesy of our comic division: