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Effective Immediately

Due to a manufacturing error we are issuing an immediate recall of part no. 1010081. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. The part requires a bore to .722 in order to fit onto the 5/8 hex shaft. If you lack the tools necessary to carry out this change please notify us. We can be reached by post, phone, or email. Thank you again for your patience and understanding and as always, choose Team 254.

General Update

We continued to revise the two horizontal-rollers prototype so that it would be ready for proper implementation on the final design. Some of the most recent changes made include a stop, so that the ball is physically limited from entering more than 3 inches into our robot. Unfortunately in the earlier tests the ball actually entered 4 inches into our robot and roughly 1/16 inch off the ground. We also shifted the upper roller as forward as possible while retaining space for the bearing and moved the lower roller forward. The roller speed was also increased from the window motors with a 4 to 1 pulley reduction Videos should follow tommorrow after the design is perfected further.

Down in the shop we continued to pocket gears on the CNC and several sets for both the drive-train gearbox and the shooter winch gearbox have been manufactured already. Hopefully by the end of tommorrow we will be for the most part done pocketing the gears (at least the ones finalized on the design). They will be ready for ship by Monday or Tuesday.

Today’s Progress

Today we began to manufacture the robot frame. Currently the CNC is turning them out after a laborious 3 passes in order to bore all the holes. Hopefully we will have them done and ready to ship out by tomorrow afternoon.

We also furthered our progress on the vacuum prototype, unfortunately with little success. Increasing the size of the hose running to the suction cup did not yield any positive results. We should continue to explore the benefits of the vacuum as it seems the most promising ball-manipulation system.

Build Day 5

Today at the Nasa lab we had roughly 12 students experimenting with various prototypes for kicking/launching mechanisms. One group seemed to find particular success with a pneumatic-kicker, which was able to launch the ball just over the hump attaining a distance of about 15 ft.

The girl scouts also came up with an interesting concept of a surgical-tubing powered scoop. This design may be promising, but has not been sufficiently tested yet.

Meanwhile the design team worked diligently upstairs properly tolerancing the gearbox and shafts as well as designing the 4″ wheels (see previous post).

In the machine shop the CNC began rolling out the bearing blocks, doing the second pass.  By the end of tomorrow the bearing blocks should be ready for anodizing (provided there are no unseen complications).

Tomorrow the material for the wheels needs to be cut out so they are ready for machining. Pushing or launching the ball past the ramp has proved difficult, requiring excessive propulsion or front-spin and we will continue prototyping different designs.

Angled Tests

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8 Wheel Drive Tests

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