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Drivebase Design & Manufacturing Progress

At the Cheesy Poof lab today, several objectives were accomplished.  The gearbox design was finalized.  The drivebase design moved forward, and the basic frame is set for it.  It features a large tube on the back for alliance partners to hang their robots from for bonus points.  The electronics board will mount between two square tubes.

Drivebase frame. Features a large tube on the back for alliance members to hang on.

The manufacturing team continued on the manufacturing of the Bearing Blocks.  They are about 1/2 done with the 2nd operations on all 140 bearing blocks, and will finish tomorrow.  A group of students cut metal stock for the wheels, on which machining will begin tomorrow.

Build Day 5

Today at the Nasa lab we had roughly 12 students experimenting with various prototypes for kicking/launching mechanisms. One group seemed to find particular success with a pneumatic-kicker, which was able to launch the ball just over the hump attaining a distance of about 15 ft.

The girl scouts also came up with an interesting concept of a surgical-tubing powered scoop. This design may be promising, but has not been sufficiently tested yet.

Meanwhile the design team worked diligently upstairs properly tolerancing the gearbox and shafts as well as designing the 4″ wheels (see previous post).

In the machine shop the CNC began rolling out the bearing blocks, doing the second pass.  By the end of tomorrow the bearing blocks should be ready for anodizing (provided there are no unseen complications).

Tomorrow the material for the wheels needs to be cut out so they are ready for machining. Pushing or launching the ball past the ramp has proved difficult, requiring excessive propulsion or front-spin and we will continue prototyping different designs.

Wheel Design

The wheel design has been completed.  The wheels weigh 0.30lbs each and construction will begin tomorrow.

2010 Wheel Design

Manufacturing Progress

Today we finished the first operation on all 140 bearing housings. We began machining the backsides of them and expect to be finished tomorrow evening or early Friday, at which point we will begin machining wheels.

Build Day 4

At Team 254’s lab today, we had an extremely large number of people working hard to complete some common objectives.

In the manufacturing department, several students continued cutting stock for the bearing blocks.  Many of the bearing blocks have already completed their primary operation on the CNC mill.

In the design department, a very large group of students worked downstairs all afternoon to continue to develop prototypes for ball launching devices.  Some have been modified and improved to be tremendously more powerful than their previous states.  Upstairs in the CAD department, a small group worked hard all afternoon to CAD the Drive Gearbox.  As of 10:00 PM, the gearbox shafts are mostly done, but still need to be toleranced, which will be completed tonight to finalize the shaft drawings.  In the morning, the drawings will be sent to 968 and Pacific Precision for the shafts to be completed this week.

This week, the design team will finalize the gearbox and design the drive wheels so that the gearbox plates can be manufactured by Team 233 in Florida.  The manufacturing department will continue to manufacture the bearing blocks and will move on to the wheels once the bearing blocks are completed.

Initial Gearbox CAD Design

Angled Tests

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8 Wheel Drive Tests

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Build Day 1

After returning from our Kickoff meeting at Bellarmine, Team 254 returned to the lab to start field construction.  We sorted through the carpet to find the biggest and least worn continuous pieces and lay them out.  They were then seamed together with carpet tape.

We also constructed one of the field “bumps” from the official FIRST drawings using 3/4″ plywood.  We then proceeded to place different configurations of wheels on robots and roll them, unpowered, over the bump.

We’re currently looking into building a powered drive train for 8 wheels with rigid frame rails for additional testing.