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Bumpers, and practice/development

Today the bumpers for team 254 were completed and are currently en-route.  The embroidery looks great.  The bumper tubes may need to be milled slightly in width, to account for thicker-than-expected fabric.  This would allow the attachment pins to insert into the robot further, if they do not quite reach.  A couple members from team 968 will be spending the weekend at the 254 lab, to install revised components, practice driving, and develop code.

Robot Progress

We field tested the final design of the Gyroscope assembly at the Proving Grounds. During this test, we also tested the robot “Drive Straight” software routine. This works like money.

Earlier in the day, students and mentors joined the superstructure to the drive base. We then calibrated our kicker system. We still need to add the 3M self fusing electrical tape to the ball roller assembly and properly tension the kicker.

We’re far behind 254, but after today, we’re now in better shape.

Bumper Progress

Foam pool noodles have been affixed to all 8 bumper assemblies.  The fabric for all the assemblies has been cut, and sewn in the corners.  The fabric is currently at the embroidery shop.  Currently, we expect to receive the 254 fabric pieces back on Saturday 3/6.  They will then be adjusted for fitment, and permanently assembled to the bumpers.  The 968 bumper assemblies will follow suit next week.

Software and Hardware Testing/Progress

Today in the Systems Engineering and Integration(SEaI) division,  students and mentors tested the gyroscope assembly (PN: 1010167) and integrated the part into our system. SEaI also began developing software routines for a closed loop control of the robot when there is no steering input. Tomorrow, SEaI will also begin development on the autonomous routines/controller for the robot. SEaI hopes to replicate the 2008 968 autonomous controller with major changes, which, makes the system more efficient and elegant.

At DAVECO, David and his associates assembled the bumper assembly minus the Cordura fabric. Mock-ups were developed to visualize the stitch patterns required to have bumper fabric with no folds. The contractor will continue manufacturing of the bumpers for the next few days.

Stay tuned.

Feb 19 Progress

Today, we (almost) finished assembling the drivetrain and kicker winch gearboxes. We also made further progress on the bumper fabrication.

Here’s some photos to pass your time.


Bumpers and Drilling

Today progress was made on the bumper pieces, including machining the wood and corner brackets.  We hope to finish the bumper structure by the end of Friday, to begin material cutting and sewing on Saturday.  At this time, I do not expect the bumpers to be complete before ship, as the sewing is estimated to take a few days.

Tonight we drilled the arms to fit the bushings.  Below is a picture showing the drilling operation.

Tomorrow we will begin assembling the arm, and make any necessary adjustments for proper fitment.

More Progress

At the proving grounds, multiple teams worked on various parts of the robot to ensure that major components will be complete by the weekend.

In the design department, students and mentors completed the PCB design for both the gyroscope carrier and a revised LED driver. The PCB was sent to fab at 11:00PM. We will receive them Friday.

Down at the assembly line, students and mentors assembled major components in the drivetrain gearboxes. Unfortunately, the entire gearbox was not fully assembled due to the lack of a few components(PTO sprocket, gearbox standoffs).

Both robots’ wiring is almost complete. Tomorrow, we will complete the wiring by adding the 4AWG cables.

Bumper Fabric

We now have bumper fabric.  The picture below shows the colors.  The material and color looks great in person, better than the picture.

Bumpers and Control Boards Started

Today our procurement personell spent the day picking up several parts and materials, including plywood for the bumpers and switches, wire, and LEDs for the control boards.  The plywood selected for the bumpers is a premium quality 12-Ply 3/4″ Russian Baltic Birch.  The 5″ height blanks were cut today, and will be cut to length tomorrow.  Below is a picture of cutting the bumper pieces.

The picture below shows construction and testing of the LED driver circuits for the control board.

Finally, we picked up the other two upper arm segments from welding. They are shown in the picture below.  These are for 254.

Arm Parts and Welding

After an all-night machining marathon last night, the arm parts were completed to be welded today.  Our generous supporter Foes Racing was able to align and tack weld all the pieces into place this evening. Foes did the welding for the launcher and top arm in 2008 also.   Below are some quick snapshots of the parts just before leaving Foes for the evening.  The arm parts will be welded tomorrow night.  Please take a close look at how everything is assembled, and quickly bring it to our attention if anything seems incorrect.

Efforts were made to align holes in waterjetted pieces with holes in the box tube pieces, and to ensure squareness during the tack-welding process.  After welding is complete, a 0.875 reamer and a 1.250 reamer will be needed to enlarge the holes in the waterjetted pieces.  Additionally, all threaded holes still need to be drilled and tapped.