Robot Hanging

Welding Complete, Off to Powder Coat

Today the welding was completed at Ride & Show Engineering, and the frames were delivered to Central Powder coating. The picture below shows us with the kind folks at Ride & Show.



The manufacturing team has been working hard to complete parts for the drivebase.  After completing gears and sprockets, we have moved onto the construction of the shifting dogs for both the drivetrain and the kicker winch.


The design team has been working to finalize a myriad of parts so that manufacture can begin.  The plates for the kicker winch and arm have been finalized, and will begin being waterjet at BAE Systems tomorrow after the material is delivered.  Design on the rollers is continuing, implementing the Clutch that we have purchased from McMaster-Carr.



Pacific Precision is able to make the output shafts; unfortunately they will not be done until late next week. We also confirmed that the robot frames will be ready to be picked up from Central Powder Coating at the end of business day Thursday.  We continued progress on machining the bumper mounting pins, and will begin on the kicker piston bearing cones once the bumper mounting parts are complete.


The control board CAD is being revised and we purchased all of the components for the boards.

Other News

We secured a local embroidering shop to make the team numbers on the bumpers.

We have contacted Motion Industries for a quote for all the ball bearings, and are currently awaiting word back.

Revised Control Board Layout

This revision includes the cutout for the Classmate pc, contours and filets for the ethernet jack, holes for the LED mounts, screwdriver slots for the Cypress board and finally, an additional cutout that replaced the roller button.

We haz powdercoat.

We haz powdercoat.

Unfortunately, Central Powder Coating was not well staffed today. They will have the 254 frames powdercoated blue streak #2 tomorrow morning.

We will be picking up the blue frames tomorrow at 10AM.

Finished Parts

Here’s a picture of everything  completed so far (Minus gearbox plates and sprockets, which are out to anodize, and frames).

Closer to Completion

Design: The team has finalized CAD designs for our kicking device and has finalized all mechanisms.

Parts: A set of  manufactured parts has been sent to our sister team, 968.

Manufacturing: We are continuing manufacture of dogs for our kicker shaft.

Design: T-shirt designs finalized!

In short, 254 is well on its way to finishing the robot (name TBD)

Bumper Mounting and Control Board Parts

Today we completed the 32 bumper mounting pins and brackets, and 20 control board spacers.  The bumper mounting scheme is nearly identical to the 968 2009 bumpers.  The finished parts are shown below.

Next, we hope to cut the control board polycarbonate on a CNC router, and machine the piston bearing blocks (cones) on a CNC lathe.  Additionally, we will be cutting the 1×2 box tube parts needed for the arms.

We have robots.

After receiving our frames very late last night, we began wiring today.  We mounted all of the electronics and ran the 4 gauge primary power wires.

Primary Power Wires

We then proceeded to run wires for the Victor 884 speed controllers.  After several separate configurations, the most popular involves running each Victor power wire independently and not zip-tying them together at all.

Victor 884 Power Wires

Besides working on the frames, the manufacturing department continued to lathe a myriad of spacers and standoffs for the kicker and drive gearboxes.  The CNC was working hard all day to cut dog ridges into our two separate dog gears and the dog lock plate.

A large group of students also worked hard all day on 254’s crate, ending with painting it.

Painted Crate Side Panels