Build Day 1 Meeting Minutes

  • Ideal design would utilize a  rigid 6 wheel / 8 wheel structure
  • Ideal design would also incorporate a mechanism that will allow the robot to traverse over bumps quickly
  • Both teams are wondering on the usage of 8″ inch wheels. (Additional gearing)
  • Recommended Protyping: Build 6″ wheel chassis on 6 wh/8 wh base
  • Didn’t discuss ball manipulation mechanism
  • Winching should be relatively easy
  • The transmission should be the most important part of this game
  • 254 disagrees to lifting up two other robots(Reasoning: 50 lbs of parts for 6 points)
  • 254 recommends that we should winch ourselves
  • 254 will test 8″ and 6″ diameter wheels on 06 bot.
  • 968 will do CAD on wheel base distance with various wheels and distance from center to center.
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